It's not perfect and it's far from done, but no matter what it is, it's home.


No More Victims 2 is an up and coming, soon to be nonprofit agency born out of the darkness and despair of a soul that would be left cold no more. Rising out of the ashes, aided by angel’s wings, we need not be silent anymore. We shall be the voice to the voiceless, letting the light of God that is within help and heal all who shall seek it. We shall be the world within a world that comes together to help others. We unite against hate, against violence, against lies and corruption, and in our world, like the one unseen, we shall be no more victims too. A voice so strong and a mission so clear, that here we are a mere 2 years after a simple thought caught a spark of hope that turned into the flame that is now becoming a movement! Thanks to hundreds of incredible big hearted friends, fans, supporters and other survivors willing to stand up we are rapidly gaining the ability to help victims get help with whatever they need, where ever they are on the journey to recovery. From prevention as early as possible to rebuilding a life in despair, we hope you will join us in this mission to gather resources, national to local, for all in need.

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For as long as I can remember, my mother has always called me a dreamer, and somewhere in my heart I've always known I was going to change the world. Some people think I’m crazy and even more just watch me as I fall over and over again. But I’m still here, and I will NEVER give up and I will NEVER back down. I am a big hearted woman, a survivor with an attitude, an indescribable need to help and a head just hot enough to get it done. So to let you know what I’m doing, I created my mission statement. And to warn you about some things, I’ve created my disclaimer...

How we got started


April 2011. My husband went to a show at THE BLACK SHEEP CAFÉ, something I was too tired to even think about attending. When he got there he met this guy who was getting ready to take part in the show by doing something called “spoken word” where he got up and used the microphone to spread his message. Ross ran back home and told me get dressed, you’re coming if you want to or not. So reluctantly, and whining all the way, I went. DAN LOZZI is his name and his program is called THE OUTLOOK. I was so touched and so inspired that after the show I went to talk to him. Not only did he take the time to talk to me, but he then came to our home and let me share with him my story. His advice… Use your voice as a weapon. So No More Victims 2 was born. Click here to see what we are about



Want to see who exactly you will be helping?


Read the stories of these brave people who not only have been thru their own personal hell, but came out on the other side because of the help of others. Learn how they went from victim to survivor and how by simply sharing your story, you could save someone's life.





If you are looking for help, i hope to be able to help you find it here. If you have help to offer, anywhere in the continental united states (for now), we will list it here free of charge.

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There are so many groups and organizations out there doing their own thing in an attempt to change the world. As indiviiduals they may ruffle some feathers here and there, but if we can come together in one large united voice maybe we can move past just ruffling feathers, start opening eyes and minds and start creating the changes needed to make this a world worth living in.

Click on the image below to get a look at what used to be Daizzee'z Dirrt, This is it's rebirth.