No More Victims 2 Event Page

There are few things we enjoy more than the satisfaction that comes from helping people in need, but at the top of that list are good friends, good food, and good times... all while working for a good cause. Fundraisers, Concerts, Family Fun Days, and even Rallies, Memorials, and Disaster Relief Efforts... There isn't much we won't do!

Blood 2 Bows 4 Survivors Campaign

Blood 2 Bows 4 Survivors is going to be our first fundraising campaign to benefit No More Victims 2 EXCLUSIVELY!


We have done several events over the years, and other than selling our t-shirts on the road to fund our speaking tours, we've always given the proceeds and the parties for other causes. This one is all about survival. For victims everywhere and the future of No More Victims 2 as a foundation. With your help we can do it!

Calling Daryl Dixon...

I am not a fan of people often, as with artists just messages in music, being what I am emotionally, it's more the role/story and how it applies to my life.., but I loved you as my Saint and love you more as my hero. I have made a promise and i'm sorry, but I kinda dragged you in on it. I wonder if you might be my hero in real life by helping me make my dream of helping victims become survivors in the bloodiest way possible! If you're still with me...

It's explained a little more HERE